Tuesday, March 24, 2009

YouTube and the Kiwi

You must have heard of YouTube. The concept was simple, allowing people to upload video content and share it with the world. Founded and launched in 2005, it was purchased only a year after its launch by Google Inc.
It’s both entertaining and informative. Many organisations use it to post educational material or to promote the use of their products or services. Like many things it does have its dark side so you have to take care to understand what you are viewing and its true intent. Clever marketers have cottoned on to its audience reach and used it in most creative ways.
Remember Lonely Girl or in her cyber guise “LonleyGirl15”. She created a cult following and her notoriety exploded when she was outed as a hoax, her video blog nothing but a scripted act, shock horror!!
From a marketing perspective it was brilliant. Her series received more than 110 million combined views and more press than you could shake a stick at. From a kiwi perspective we laid claim to the actress Jessica Rose as raised in New Zealand, we love a good story regardless of its ending.
Combining another Kiwi (the bird) and YouTube brings me to one of my favourite clips. The animated story about a Kiwi that wanted to fly. Whether this is a metaphor on the good old Kiwi ingenuity and entrepreneurialism, or just a good tale - you be the judge.

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