While webinar platform software is readily available to anyone who wants to conduct an online presentation, the skills to brand, manage and deliver requires experience and best practice knowledge to ensure a professional presentation is consistently achieved.

It’s this experienced service provision we provide that enables ease of access and peace of mind to our clients.

Webinars are online presentations that are delivered via the Internet eliminating the need for the more traditional physical meetings. To connect to a session presenters and audience require an internet connected computer, headset or speakers, a webcam (optional) and a webinar delivery platform.

Our platform of choice is GotoWebinar. One or multiple presenters can collaborate on a single or multiple presentations. The audience view the desktop of the nominated presenter and are able to interact via text messaging, pre-set polling or be unmuted to speak to the presenter(s) or the entire audience. The session itself can be recorded for future playback, creating a valuable resource. 

The level of control afforded to organisers is extensive allowing detailed real time and post session reports showing levels of audience attention, questions and polling results by individuals, post session surveys and capturing of valuable registration details for permission database development.