About Magpie Media

Magpie Media remove the hassle and stress out of online communications technology by assisting business people in using web based conferencing platforms to communicate effectively to their own internal, local, national or global networks of customers, clients and stakeholders. Webinars save time and travel while enabling businesses to reach their audience live, anytime, anywhere, all from the comfort of their home or place of work.

Magpie Media’s webinar delivery services include set-up  live presentation assistance and recording, through to post session reporting. We provide a beginning to end service complete with extensive experience and best practice knowledge ensuring presentations are done right first time and every time.

Webinars have applications in many areas of business from technical demonstration of products or online systems to sales and marketing presentations. Creating interactive online meetings can increase efficiency while saving costs related to travel, venue hire and unnecessary time away from the workplace.

Webinar technology is still an emerging form of communication for many businesses. Magpie Media have been facilitating webinars for four years and our clients have used this platform in numerous ways, we have become integral to their communications strategy.  The potential for cost savings and revenue generation makes this service valuable to all types and sizes of business. Our facilitation ensures minimum hassle and maximum confidence ensuring your image, brand, valuable IP and reputation are protected.

If you want to deliver the best in online communications, contact us today.