Friday, March 20, 2009

Skype turns Yellow

I’ve been a fan of Skype for a few years now. It’s been around long enough that I shouldn’t have to explain what it is. If you do want to know more check out the Skype website.
I downloaded their version 4 recently (for PC), and its claim of improved audio was on the mark, very impressive. Its great for the face to face video chat, a thing of science fiction fantasy only a decade ago or having a group of you engage in a conference discussion.
In todays NZ Herald the Yellow Pages have taken a step forward by introducing Skype to their listings, and as part of the introduction making it free to connect to a landline. Internet to internet connections via Skype are free anyway but there is a 4cent per minute charge normally for Skype to landline calls. 
Well done Yellow, not only have you got us eating out of trees you now have us talking through our computers.

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