Thursday, April 23, 2009

Synergy and Teamwork Expedited by Web 2.0 Tools

I'd like to share my experience of the last few months working with the MondayMorning Team, Helen, Craig and Rus. I'm the least computer / web literate of the team, (although I'm good with certain software life Project and Excel) in a previous life I was a Civil Engineer and also project managed large capital intensive projects. I've spent the last 8 years working with business owners, helping them to earn more money, enjoy more free time and create valuable assets. I'm a really lucky guy, I live in a wonderful country, have a great family and fantastic friends and I've worked with many outstanding individuals.

I have never been part of such a strong team, let me take a few lines to explain why... We have four individuals who have totally different backgrounds and skill sets, we share a high trust relationship without ego and most importantly we have the same values. I'm sure you will all agree that this is great in theory, well for the first time in my professional life I know what it really feels like to experience true synergy and teamwork. It is exciting!

Well you may say that's all well and good but so what! This is why MondayMorning is able to add so much value to our client's businesses and lives. Or in marketing speak some of our competitive advantages are...

We are children of the sixties although Helen isn't quite a baby boomer like the rest us, this means that we have been around for a while and remember life without computers and cell phones. Conversely we are young enough to have worked with computers and the internet since they were invented without fear or reservation.

We have had several diverse careers and understand change. We have all owned and run our businesses and also worked in management positions for large companies. We understand both bigger business and SME needs.

We have all had significant challenges in our lives so we don’t sweat the small stuff.

Craig and Rus are the web and computer experts ( a term I don't use indiscriminately) and have the ability to work in this dynamic environment, Helen and I are bring the project management and hands on approach to business training and we are indicative of our target market so all the MondayMorning products are self tested on us first.

Finally using whatever personality testing model you choose we are all different and to tie this whole blog together please ask yourself if you have ever been part of a team where four different personalities really did work together? If the answer is yes then you’ll know, see, understand and feel the same way as I do... if not we have webinars and workshops to help create this for your business. Don’t get me started about the huge range of training that I’m itching to roll out.
MondayMorning is not just about Web 2.0 training, it’s about using Web 2.0 tools and the most effective business training to build business capability and increase profits.
Come along with us, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the ride!
PS if you really want us to prove what we say set up a face to face meeting with the four of us! We are real people, really.

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