Friday, April 3, 2009

Networking is important when it’s real and useless when it’s fake

I had to post this video simply because it’s two of my favourite people talking together, mega-marketer Seth Godin and mega-entrepreneur Richard Branson
Seth Godin is everywhere on the Internet. He has established himself as a brand and knows social marketing inside out. Seth commented recently in answer to a question “is social networking any use to business?” he replies “networking is important when it’s real, and useless when it’s fake”. The concept of trying to get as many followers on Facebook and Twitter is only beneficial when you are establishing real and useful relationships. 
This is no way a discouragement for using either Facebook or Twitter, they are not a waste of time for business, it is how we use the tools that will make the difference.
Anyway, for the sheer indulgence here is Seth and Richard having a chat about branding…

And one more
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