Monday, February 22, 2010

The problem with time

The problem in business is time, or the perceived lack of it. I say perceived because I am not convinced my issue is real, its really one of my own design.

I just read a blog post citing the problem with New Zealand businesses is owner/managers try to do too much themselves and don’t outsource to experts. It was once a quality that we “can do” kiwis were admired for, rolling up our sleeves and mucking in. Perhaps if I hadn’t read the post I could have saved some time, I would have saved even more time by not checking the emails that resulted in guiding me to the LinkedIn forum in the first place.

I am going to make this post short, I am short of time and have a “to do” list that is growing by the minute. I wouldn’t say I have a time management problem; my issue is I have to be more productive and do the work that is going to pay. Given that I derive most of my income as a consultant that means doing things for other people has to take a higher priority.

My own marketing, much of which is social media engagement then tends to suffer. I stay off twitter, I haven’t blogged for weeks, I haven’t recently provided feedback on any of the forums I visit and I guess those mentor clients can wait another day.

Of course cash flow is the critical thing, if we had an abundance of it I would maybe outsource some work, but we all know finding good people to outsource to and then engaging with them takes time too doesn’t it.

The problem with time is it is finite; we only have so much in a day, a week, before the next deadline. One thing is for sure we will eventually run out of it. When we look back our greatest regret can only be that we have regrets we didn’t make better use of it.

I’m glad I read that blog today, I’m pleased with myself for writing this, and it was quite easy really because I made the time to do so.

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