Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Social Media Tourist

When it comes to planning travel, people generally trust what other people say about their experience of accommodation, tours, dining and related activities. When a traveler has had a great experience they immediately share it with friends and family, human nature it seems requires them to broadcast to a wider audience about poor experiences.

Because of emerging digital social networks these items get shared and referenced by a much larger audience which can range from a few hundred to many thousands of individuals.

For operators inside the tourist trade the question is not whether your business, your competitor, or your industry is being discussed - it is part of a global conversation taking place right now. The question now must be are you going participate in that conversation or not?

I have the good fortune of presenting tomorrow at the e-Tourism Conference in Wellington on the topic of Social Media.

We are following this up with two free webinars called “The Social Media Tourist” for those at the conference or anyone wanting to know more on how Social Media can impact on your business. Go to our website here for more detail and to register.

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