Thursday, June 11, 2009

Should you auto DM new followers on Twitter?

I am writing this because I don’t yet have definitive answers myself. Should I auto DM my new Twitter followers or not?

I have two accounts; there is me as a person @craignetworker, and me as a business @mondaymorningnz and I was considering using the auto DM for the latter to let people know we offer free webinars on the subject of webinars for business.

I have chosen not to auto DM to date because most of the social media gurus I follow and respect most say not to. In fact some go as far as saying that they will un-follow or remove anyone that engages in this practice.

Does this mean I haven’t got value from auto DM’s I’ve received? The answer to that is yes, I have got value, I have followed links that have caught my attention and have learnt and gained valuable information as a result. After all isn’t that the whole idea of marketing, using every opportunity to gain someone’s attention and promote you?

It does come down to what you are using Twitter for. Is it to establish trust and build relationships, or is it to create profile for your business or service.

If you want to engage in long term trusted relationships then I would suggest no to auto DM’s, they come across as insincere and impersonal, because they are. The other down side of this practice is they make the DM inbox ineffective for communication. I get so many I just delete them without reading anymore and tend to focus on my @replies.

If you are looking to promote your brand then give auto DM a try using a product like TweetLater. But one caveat I would put on this is be sure to offer something of real value otherwise it is just spam and time wasting for all concerned.

Please let me know if you have a tried and tested theory on this subject. I would love the hear from you.


  1. God no - not in a million years - auto dm-ing is what turns twitter into a complete waste of time/echo chamber/white noise space

    I vote a definite no!

  2. To be honest if you auto DM me it means little, yes I may get some value from the DM but I would much rather feel that you are responding because you want to have a conversation. Not as a task. I am not upset if you dont follow me back nor that you do not DM me. As in blogs I follow because you have something to say I want to hear. Lets be real I could not resonde to every comment on my blog nor would I expect you to. But when we do, lets make it personal and really valuable.