Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Complete Collection of Weekday Domains available for the first and last time.

For what is possibly the last time ever in any Domain Name registry in the world the complete set of Weekday domain names is available for sale.

It would be near impossible today to secure any of the weekday names individually at any of the global registrars. Given the entire set of .co.nz weekday domains are available is an almost unprecedented opportunity to the right bidder to own an iconic part of internet real estate.

A good top level domain name makes it easy for people to recall and find your website in what is an increasingly crowded space. Getting top-level keyword domain names like www.sunday.com or in the case of the New Zealand registry www.sunday.co.nz is near impossible because they were all snapped up several years ago. Most have now been incorporated in brands or at very least being used on landing pages to attract the now lucrative Google Adword income.

My early involvement with the internet having assisted hundreds of individuals and businesses into good domain name ownership prompted me to secure some great domains while they were available, this collection being some of them. While the Thursday.co.nz domain eluded me at the time we have been able to secure a short term agreement with its owner to make the list complete and market available.


While it is obviously possible to sell the domains individually the real value lies in the collection for the right project. If they should be divided, like the rest of the world domains they will never be available again as a complete set.

If anyone is interested in discussing the further please contact me directly.

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